·         Analysis of morphological and hydrological changes in the Correntes river

·         Analysis of the eco-dynamic stability and environmental fragility of rio Cabaçal basin, Mato Grosso State (MT), Brazil

·         Agricultural aptitude of lands and conflicting uses in permanent preservation areas of Ribeirão Jacobina basin in Cáceres/Mato Grosso State, Brazil

·         Determination of the erosive susceptibility from a hydrographic basin using free available geo-technology

·         Diagnoses of potential erosion areas and land use conflicts in the Araputanga municipality, Mato Grosso State (MT), Brazil

·         Application of open and / or free geo-technologies to combat the water loss in a supply system

·         Geostatistical modeling of the ten-day rainfall in Mato Grosso State

·         Mapping and vegetation cover index from Cáceres city, Mato Grosso State (MT), Brazil

·         Mapping of summer agricultural crops in the Alto Paraguai basin through EVI/MODIS time series

·         Spatial analysis of erosive processes in plateaus and depressions of the Upper Paraguai river basin

·         Spatiotemporal evolution of the margins of lake Uberaba, Pantanal floodplain (Brazil)

·         Use of new technologies for the systematic nautical cartographic mapping of the Paraguay River Waterway


Notas Técnicas


·         Influence of land use and occupation in the quality of surface water in the Paraguai/Diamantino basin, Mato Grosso, Brazil

·        Use of geospacial techniques to subsidy the cadastral survey of isolated properties in the South-Matogrossen Pantanal area under the universalization of access to electrical energy