This space was created for the dissemination of the projects highlighted in the Geo, thus providing various types of technical and didactic material of interest.

Physiognomies of vegetation in the sub-regions of the Brazilian Pantanal
Author (s): Myrian de Moura Abdon, João dos Santos Vila da Silva

This book, divided into 14 chapters, is the effort to make available to the public pictures of different types of vegetation of the Pantanal, portraying the diversity of this great environment that is flooded plains. Information on soil, relief, positioning geofráfico, among others, were added to each picture. It is expected that this set of information to assist the reader to understand a little more and make this region we imagine an environment as rich as this must be used with care, ensuring its conservation.
Photographic mapping of the basin of the river Taquari
Author (s): Myrian de Moura Abdon, João dos Santos Vila da Silva, F. Rosely dos Santos

The photographic survey of the River Watershed Taquari was developed in the form of multimedia to be used as teaching material in the area of environmental education and research projects to benefit the region.

Vegetation of the Pantanal - Probio

Results of the project "Survey and mapping of the remaining vegetation biome of the Pantanal, the period of 2002 on the scale of 1:250.000, coordinated by Embrapa Informática Agropecuária (Campinas - SP) and developed in partnership with Embrapa Beef Cattle, INPE and IMAP as a component of the Program on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Brazilian Biological Diversity (PROBIO). publications are available for downloads, maps and pictures.
Project Educa SeRe

Sere Education Project aims to create series of images letters, addressing various applications of remote sensing in natural resources, so they form a collection, to be used as teaching material.
Atlas of Ecosystems in South America and Antarctica from Satellite Images

The Atlas of Ecosystems in South America and Antarctica using satellite imagery, Sere Education Project was created to be used as teaching material in elementary and high school. This Atlas, published in the form of CD ROM, has a version in Portuguese and Spanish and has 250 satellite images, 147 texts and photos of field ecosystems in South America and Antarctica.

The TerraLib is a library of classes and functions for building spatial applications. The library components include data management, spatial data structure, data conversion and algorithms of spatial analysis.

TerraView is an application built with the library TerraLib which handles vector data (points, lines and polygons) and matrix (grids and images) stored in database Access, PostgreSQL, MySQL or Oracle.


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