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The organization of the 2nd GeoPantanal participants suggeste some options for accommodation in the city of Corumbá, MS ..

Link to locations of hotels:,-57.612562&sspn=0.039356,0.076904&ie=UTF8&ll=-19.215892,-57.349692&spn=0.517747,0.732127


- The daily values of the Hotel Nacional , site of the event is for participants of GeoPantanal. To use these special values the participant should make your reservation directly with the hotel and mention that it is participating in the Event GeoPantanal.

- The daily values of the other hotels are May/2009 and are subject to change without notice. The participant must confirm the values before you make your reservation.

Hotel Website and phone Apart. Single (R$) Apart. Double (R$) Apart. Triple (R$)
Hotel Nacional - special rates for the 2nd GeoPantanal
Hotel Nacional
Street America, 936 Center
Phone: (67) 3234.6000
110,50 + 5% tx 153,00 + 5% tx 190,00 + 5% tx
Hotels below - maio/2009 rates subject to change
Santa Monica Palace Hotel
Street Antônio Maria Coelho, 345
Phone: (67) 3234.3000
115,00 + 5% tx 135,00 + 5% tx 165,00 + 5% tx
Hotel Gold Fish
Avenue Rio Branco, 2799 Certer
Phone: (67) 3231.5106 129,00 174,00 195,00
Virgínia Palace Hotel
Street D. Aquino Corrêa, 47 Center
Phone: (67) 3232.2711 90,00 120,00 150,00
Hotel El Dorado
Street Porto Carreiro, 554 Center
Phone: (67) 3231.5138 / 3231-6677 90,00 (including coffee and tx.) 118,00 (including coffee and tx.) 150,00 (including coffee and tx.)
Hotel Laura Vicuña
Street Cuiabá, 775
Phone: (67) 3231.5874 / 3231.2663
60,00 100,00 130,00
Santa Rita Hotel
Street D Aquino Corrêa, 860 Center
Phone: (67) 3231.5453 55,00 100,00 145,00


There were 50 reserved seats in the dependencies of the UFMS-CPAN, and 25 for men and 25 for women. Participants wishing to stay in the accommodation will have to make reservation, because the number of places is limited.
Each participant will bring mattress, bed linen, toiletries and other things of personal use as it deems necessary, since nothing is available for the event.

For information and reservations, please contact the teacher Aguinaldo Silva (UFMS-CPAN), by e-mail


- No reservations will be accepted after 10/15/2009.
- Only entitled to housing the participants of the event.

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